Every business owner wants to achieve profitability as soon as possible when starting a new business. Starting a business is expensive and time consuming. Explore That Store is here to help business owners save time and make money with local marketing that helps customers find your business. Local marketing is a wise investment when launching your business because it helps achieve profitability faster.

Whether you are already open or plan to open a month from now we can help. With our Local Search Packages we expand your visibility and boost exposure to people who are already looking for you. A key component of Local Search marketing is clean up of the directory listings where your business information is available for people to find online.

Directory Listings Help Customers Find You & Facilitates Word Of Mouth Advertising

When a consumer goes somewhere like Yelp to find the location or hours of a business they want to go to it is crucial the name, address and phone number on the business listing is accurate. Without accurate information it is difficult to find the business.


The number one reason people search for a business is to find a business they already know about. When people think of marketing it is common to think of outreach to new potential customers. Yet when it comes to search, the people looking for your business they may already be your customers. Even when someone already knows of the business directories are helpful for when they need to check hours or directions so they can become a repeat customer.

Directories Are Integrated With Online Platforms & Mobile Apps

There are thousands of directories and many of them are linked together with other sources of information. Help your customers find you by cleaning up the information you have online. If your name uses the word “The” in one directory or “Company” in one place but “Co.” in another then you may have competing listings cluttering the online space. Google, Yahoo and Bing all crawl the web and aggregate information about businesses. If your business has multiple names than the Search Engines treat your business like multiple businesses essentially diluting your ability to come up in search results!

What is a Directory Listing Clean Up?

Cleaning up directories online means manually claiming and optimizing each listing. Entering the correct information to the fullest extent possible will ensure all business attributes are available for search. When we help our clients clean up their listings it is not only about a well groomed and accessible online presence, it is about bringing more customers in the door.

Cleaning up business directory listings makes your business more visible on the internet. If you have a solid, unified and consistent presence then Google views your business as reputable and your listings gain preference – or ranking – on the search engines.

How do you know if your business listings need clean up?

A good way to find out if your business needs a clean up is to type in the business phone number. The phone number is the unique identifier of your business and it will pull up all online properties on the internet that are associated with the number. If anything but your business name comes up, then you know you have a case for clean up.

Overall, business listings are a foundational aspect to online marketing and creating visibility online. Create profitability faster by hanging your open for business sign up – online! Include setup of directory listings as you start your business to proactively launch your business in a way that makes it easy for customers to find you. This means more people in the door immediately.