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November 23, 2022
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November 30, 2022
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    IT Services Tasks Included – 10/20-11/19:

    • FiDi – 11/18 – Help with A/V – 0.75 Hours – $123.75
      • Helped Lauren and Frank swap out 2 TVs and get them back online.
    • Jackson Square – 11/3 – eZeep Moving Slow – 0.75 Hours – $123.75
      • Worked with Marie to diagnose eZeep taking a long time to print to the 5th floor printer. All working at this time.
      • eZeep fell offline again. Ended up uninstalling the eZeep process, restarting the server, reinstalling the eZeep server process and enabling the printers. Marie was able to confirm the printers are back online and working.
      • Jackson Square – 11/4-11/17 – SONOS Device Offline (Chuck Sellman) – 2.5 Hours – $412.50
        • Worked with Chuck to try and get his SONOS speaker online. Unable to at this time.
        • Worked with Chuck once more to try and get the SONOS device back online. Still unable to at this time.
        • Setup a meeting to try a couple more options to get the SONOS device online.
      • Menlo Park – 10/25-10/27 – Calls with Comcast Support About Slow Circuit Speeds – 1.25 Hours – $206.25
        • Call with support. They are unable to find the account with the account number our project manager gave us. Reached back out to the Comcast PM for the updated/new account information.
        • Call with Comcast to diagnose the slow speed issue we are experiencing. Still unable to achieve full speeds when we hung up. This has been escalated to Tier 2 support. Waiting for their call back.
      • Menlo Park – 10/27 – Connect Toast Equipment to the Network (Cafe Equipment) – 0.5 Hours – $82.50
        • Worked with Seamus (Toast IT) to get their POS’s and router online.
      • Menlo Park – 11/1 – Configure RingCentral Phones – 2.5 Hours – $412.50
        • Configured 3 new phones to work with Ring Central. Had to have CANOPY order a new phone as one existing phone does not work with RingCentral Service. This was determined after working with RC’s support.
      • Menlo Park – 11/2 – Setup GSR Ventures VLAN – 0.5 Hours – $82.50
        • Configured VLAN11 for GSR Ventures, setup SSID GSR with password given by GSR Staff. Updated all parties after testing and validation was completed.
      • Menlo Park – 11/3-11/14 – Troubleshoot Scan to Email Issues – 1.25 Hours – $206.25
        • Received slack from CM that scan to email wasn’t working. Setup VPN into printer and found scan to email address incorrect. Corrected address and ran test. Test came back as completed.
        • Worked with Angela, Rex and printer support to get the scan to email function to work. There was software on the printer that needed to be enabled by the printer service. All working at this time.
      • Menlo Park – 11/4-11/14 – Primary Inbound RingCentral Not Ringing – 1.25 Hours – $206.25
        • Worked with Jessica to diagnose front desk phone not ringing when dirctly dialed, but does work when IVR passes a call. RingCentral backend showing correct routing. Contacting RC support next for further assistance.
        • Reviewed support response and sent reply after testing. Still not working correctly.
        • Worked with Anthony over chat and got the extra number removed, and also got the (650) 449-6296 number to ring the front desk as expected.
      • Menlo Park – 11/9-11/10 – GSR VLAN Settings Update (Tenant Requests) – 0.5 Hours – $82.50
        • Reviewed email from Mike, checked network settings and logs. Then forwarded my findings and answers to Jessica for her to respond to the tenant as there are other fee’s included with the tenants request.
        • Composed email and sent after speaking with CANOPY Space staff about how they would like to proceed with this tenant’s requests.
      • Menlo Park – 11/14-11/18 – Connect Canteen Wine Bar POS – 0.75 Hours – $123.75
        • Call with Greg and review of email from M-Networks about fiber run and options.
        • Did a little research on the best type of fiber line to pull between the spaces and responded to Bill’s email about what specifications we required for the fiber run.
        • Reviewed email from Bill (M-Networks) about the run from CANOPY’s IDF to the Wine Bar’s IDF. Set response. Waiting for Bill to send estimate for Greg to approve.
        • Reviewed bid from M-Networks, sent reply to Greg blessing the bid’s scope of work, and also sent over the details for the required network components to complete the job.
      • Pacific Heights – 10/25 – iPhone Unable to Connect to Check-in – 0.5 Hours – $82.50
        • Troubleshooting connection issues.
      • Pacific Heights – 11/16 – Troubleshoot Scan to Email Issues – 0.75 Hours – $123.75
        • Setup VPN to access printer, VPN not working. Setup port forwarding to access printer management page. Updated password and worked with Simran to test and confirm it was working.
    • 15 Minute IT Incidents – 10/20-11/19:

      • This includes any phone calls or emails on new issues or open tickets that were 15 minutes or less.
    • Credit for First Four Free 15 Minute IT Incidents

    Subtotal $2,808.75
    Total $2,808.75


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