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1223 Cleveland Ave
Suite 200-100
San Diego, CA 92103
Canopy Space, Inc.
March 15, 2023
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March 21, 2023
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  1. Task

    IT Services Tasks Included – 2/15-3/14:

      • FiDi – 3/8-3/9 – Troubleshoot 5th Floor Wifi – 0.5 Hours – $82.50
        • Received a slack from Lauren that some users on the 2nd floor have been experiencing Wifi drops. Checked network and don’t see any interfearence or errors that would cause drops. Pushed a provisioning command to both AP’s and asked the tenants to reboot. All online at this time.
        • Checked network the next day to be sure wifi was solid. No interference seen at this time.
      • Jackson Square – 2/16-2/17 – Troubleshoot Wifi Issues – 2 Hours – $330
        • Ran firmware updates and restarted entire network.
        • Reviewed each AP’s RF noise levels, checked airstats for best frequency at the time and adjusted channels accordingly. Updated onsite staff with what was done once completed.
        • Worked with Jessica to troubleshoot her devices not connecting.
        • Worked with Brandon over Slack to troubleshoot a couple more Wifi connectivity issues reported. Will be doing a full system restart tonight and an RF scan to optimize the Wifi channels.
      • Jackson Square – 3/6 – Re: Membership Cancellation Ticket – 0.5 Hours – $82.50
        • Reviewed ticket from Brandon about Sixtine Lapeyre’s connectivity issues. Looked up the MAC addresses this member has used to connect to the network, checked the historical data about the devices connections and responded to email updating the member of what was going on with Apple devices during the time they specified they were having connectivity issues. This was an Apple software issue.
      • Jackson Square – 3/14 – Troubleshoot Slow Printers – 0.75 Hours – $123.75
        • Worked with Brandon and Isabelle on both printers running slow. 4th FL is out of toner so it won’t print. 5th floor is just moving slow. The logs show a printed document but the printer kicks it out a few min later. Isabelle is on the phone with KBA and will update IT once she has more info.
      • Menlo Park – 3/3 – Tenant Getting Dropped from Wifi – 0.5 Hours – $82.50
        • Worked with Angela to diagnose a wifi connectivity issue for one tenant device. Appears to be local device issue as other devices connected to the same access point didn’t drop. Restarted access point and pushed the config to be sure there wasn’t an issue with the local network device.
    • 15 Minute IT Incidents – 2/15-3/14:

      • This includes any phone calls or emails on new issues or open tickets that were 15 minutes or less.
    • Credit for First Four Free 15 Minute IT Incidents

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