Writers block getting in the way of your content strategy? Wondering how to get back on track? Even the best writers have had to fuel their creative engines with some alternative fuel, just think – how many big name writers were seriously alcoholics! Instead of hitting the bottle, try these quick tips for fueling your creative instinct.

Stop Judging Yourself & Crank That Content Out

Want to churn out more writing? Stop judging yourself! One of the biggest ways to create a major creative roadblock is to judge your work before it’s done. Don’t worry there is plenty of time to edit and play grammar police, just start writing and don’t worry about the final version.

Write in bullet points to capture the main points, or try stream of consciousness to just get your flow going. Bullets help if you need structure, SOC helps if you need to find your angle. Try both to get familiar with how each can help your writing process. If you want to plan an editorial calendar try writing the major topics and then 3-5 bullet points about each. This can serve as a content outline for months to come.

Go With The Flow

Take advantage of your creative waves. Not all creative tasks can be done well at all times. People have their optimal times for different tasks and that applies to writing as well. Maybe you’re coming up with a bunch of ideas one day and a lot of detailed verbiage another. Go where the flow leads you and take advantage of the momentum wherever it is at the moment.

If you are coming up with lots of ideas for an editorial calendar then don’t stop to write just one blog. Write down all those ideas and go back to fill in the details later. By nurturing your creative tendency, it will strengthen rather than hinder your skills.

Widen Your World

Want to get a creative flow going? Get yourself to the magazine shop, or the library or go see that movie you’re curious about. By getting exposed to something new your brain makes new connections and gives you fresh, new things to think about. So get outside and do something you love or read a random magazine.

Wander around awhile and “do nothing” – it’s something! The brain needs rest, reflection and a new outlook to nurture creative thoughts. I recommend a business magazine if you’re an entrepreneur, or the local section of a newspaper if your business has a strong local customer base. For a literary source of inspiration try Brain Pickings.

Release Your Inner Animal

Dogs are happy and playful by their very nature. What is your nature? What comes easily? Find your niche and it will make writing all the easier. What makes your business unique? Ok, maybe bringing out your animal instinct is a stretch. But you can take the best of what you know and write about it from an angle that makes it easier for others to understand. So easy that maybe a dog – or at least a chimp – can get it too.

Hopefully your business is something you excel at doing and that will give you a lot of content when you think about all the distinct ways to describe the fundamentals. Breakdown the pieces that make up your very expertise and dissect it with words. You’ll be typing up a storm in no time. Skip the writer’s block and open your world up so creativity can flow.

When writing for SEO it is advised that you write for a 7th-grade audience because that makes the content accessible for most people. So don’t worry about being perfect, there are plenty of spellcheck and grammar checking tools available – from Google Docs to Grammarly you can always get help with the technical pieces.

If you need some help you can always call our team at Explore That Store.