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What is the Value Behind Online Directory Listings?

Claiming your online listings means that you are verifying that you are a legitimate business and that all information provided is accurate. This is important for people searching online because you want your business to have the most recent information rather than bits and pieces that might be pulled from other sources online.

One of the absolute best features to our directory listings service is that we manually claim and verify your business for you. We don’t rely on a computer to do all of the work because we’ve seen numerous times that it’s less effective.

Many times we will actually go in to your place of business and do all of the necessary phone and email verifications. If a team member is not close by, we set an appointment with you to get it all done easily together. Not only do we claim and verify your listings, we also optimize them. This means that we will comb through the whole listing and fill out all of the possible fields to include as much information about your business as possible. We make sure that each listing is as searchable as possible so that you can achieve as many user views as possible.


Is Explore That Store’s Directory Listing Service Good for SEO?

You bet! The actual industry term for our directory listing service is “Barnacle SEO”, a category all of its own. Barnacle SEO is the practice of promoting a business or a website on another website. So for instance, if I were to add my flower shop business to Yelp, and include all of my businesses contact information, that would be an act of Barnacle SEO. I would be leveraging another websites traffic and users to get traffic to my own business website.

Our online directory listings services are not sourced out. We manually verify your listing or fix it if it i incorrect. The name, address, and phone number or NAP identified with your business must be consistent across the board. Think of your listing as your business storefront online. You want to make its properly optimized and giving a favorable first impression of your business for mobile users.


What Happens When Your Listings Aren’t Correct?

If your listings are incorrect, you could be losing out on a lot of potential business. It’s all too often that we see listings that don’t have the business website linking, or the correct business name, address, and phone number. If users cannot contact or find you easily, they will easily move on to the competition. Claiming your listing can actually improve visibility in general because you’re letting the directory websites know that you are a verified business and active business owner. You’re telling them that the information listed is correct and up to date and therefore they have more confidence in showing you in results.

Google My Business Listing for Bay Ho Liquor & Deli (Before & After)

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