Social Media Connects You to Customers Online & On-The-Go


Does Social Media Marketing Have Potential?

Of course it does. Social media sites were initially used to connect and interact with friends, family and catch up with people online. Now in the era of the smartphone it is a prime place for marketing. Social media’s marketing potential has taken off in the past several years.


Why is Social Media Marketing Important?

In order to build a business or brand online the right audience must be engaged on a consistent basis. It is less selling and more storytelling about your business. To do this, a social media plan with a strategy, dedicated time and research must be put into place. Explore That Store will focus on each of these areas and measure the performance of your business’s social media network on a consistent and dynamic basis.

What Do I Get from a Social Media Marketing Package?

Much like everything in the online world, social media is constantly changing and it affects the way we interact with each other. We are more connected now than ever before and leveraging social networks to build visibility online delivers significant value to your business.

When Signing Up to Our Social Media Marketing Package You Will Get

An evaluation of your current social media presence is necessary and research on the audience you are targeting is important. Our team tests times of posting, types of posts and level of engagement on your social media channels.
Dedicated Time
We understand you have a business to run and cannot constantly be logged into your network to post status updates. That is why we have dedicated time and resources to ensure your business message and promotion is being delivered at optimal times.
New social networks and phone applications are being developed every day. What was popular a few years ago has changed significantly to what it is today and there is always something new to learn or a new feature to benefit from. Our job is to be on the forefront of that knowledge so that it benefits your business.

Engage With Customers Online