There are hundreds of business directories in the world. Also known as Local Listings, some are very general like the Yellow Pages and others are specialized for specific industries. Directories are influential because they serve as an “open for business” sign online. Just as you put a sign on the front door of a physical location of business, for visibility hang your business name on the internet as well. Let people know you are open for business by getting listed on local directories so new and current customers can find you.

Optimize Online Directory Information To Help People Find You

Getting listed on directories is much more than simply providing a business name and address. At Explore That Store we optimize your listings. For example, by claiming your listing online we verify that you are a legitimate business and that all information provided is accurate. This is important for people searching online because you want your business to have the most recent information rather than bits and pieces that might be pulled from other sources online. It is also important in order for search engines to identify the business as legitimate and credible.

Our online Directory Listings service is never sourced out. We manually verify your listing or fix it if it is incorrect. The name, address and phone number – also called the “NAP” –  identified with your business must be consistent across all listings. Think of your listing as your business storefront online. You want to make sure it is correct so people can find you.

Help Mobile Internet Users Find Your Business Information

Giving a favorable first impression of your business is especially important for mobile users. If someone is trying to find your business hours, phone number or location it may be difficult to find if directory information is incomplete. If business information is incorrect, a mobile user can easily go to another business who does have accurate information.

We want your business information to be consistent, clear and correct every time there is a search for your business online. Help your potential and current customers find you by posting a storefront online with accurate and optimized information. Directories are your “open for business” sign on the internet! Help people find you online.